Terms and conditions of sale of our customised funeral plaques

Spelling mistakes :
The client is in charge of the spelling in his texts.
We analyze texts and propose you possible corrections.
None corrections is applied without receipt of your agreement.
Renaud Gravure can not be considered as responsible of a mistake non corrected.
The correction of text after engraving is impossible because our engraving is hollowed in the material truely stable.
Formation of the contract
The orders made on RENAUDGravure.com and memorial-plaques.eu websites
commit the client as soon as our customer service receives the order and its payment.
Delivery, transfer of responsability.
it is absolutely essential for the customer to check the state of his product
before signing the travel voucher and to refuse this one if he notices damage.
"The mentions "" subject to unpacking"" indicated on the delivery slip"
do not have any juridical value and can not allow a later appeal.
The signature of the delivery slip by the client
is as good as full acceptance and the product in the state.
The responsabilites of Renaud Gravure, of the carrier and insurrances
are disclaimed in case of damage or break noticed after signature of the travel voucher.
RENAUD Gravure makes its articles delivered by carriers.
The delivery time indicated are those of our subcontractors ( most often TNT ),
a possible delay doesn't give the buyer the right to cancel the sell, to refuse the good or to claim damages.
RENAUD Gravure isn't responsible of the delivery time, since the ordered article has been given to the carrier service ( Mail, carrier, Chronopost�)
RENAUD Gravure is freed from its obligation of delivery for every accidental cases or of absolute necessity.
For information only, total or partial strikes, floods, fires, the non payment are cases of absolute necessity.
The transfer of property of delivered products or to deliver is suspended until the full payment
of the price by the consumer and this, without impact on the transfer of risks.
RENAUD Gravure guarantees the best quality posible for every memorial plaques.
Every complaint for non conformity might have to be passed on in writting in the next 7 days
that follow the date of the receipt of the order.
The right to retraction as defined by the law of the 25th of August 2001 doesn't concern the customized goods
or those prepared according to the buyer's specifications.
The complaint would have to indicate the precise motive for this one, with a copy of the delivery slip.
The photos, graphic studies and drawings are just presented for information only in the goal to guide our customers' choice.
The colour of natural materials and engraving as being able to vary according to the computer screen
used by the net surfer.
The submitted samples can't be used as reference to judge,
the greatest surfaces, differences of grains, colours, just as natural characteristics such as :
knots, shells, geodes, stratum, crystalline veins, points, flames, that could naturally appear
on the delivered goods.
The submitted samples define the material about its provenance and its general tone
but don't involve the identity of colour, crystallization, veining,
drawing with the material used for the order.
The practised engraving is guaranteed stable but RENAUD Gravure would not be responsible of the deterioration
of the visibility of engravings which have received plastic, silicone or greasy products or any other material diffrent from water ( recommanded for engravings' cleaning )
RENAUD Gravure guarantees the stainless aspect of its gilt but the natural wear of this one.
Graphic representations, studies and models
RENAUD Gravure makes studies and graphic models in order to lay out the texts, drawings and portraits.
Renaud Gravure can not be considered as responsible of mistakes contained in the texts written by its clients.
Although worried of suppressing a maximum of spelling mistakes in the texts to engrave,
we recommand to any one to perfectly check before ordering.
For information, the correction of mistakes after engraving is impossible.
These graphic studies, though aesthetic don't represent the real colours of material of engravings.
The photos on the website present to show the real colour of material and
engraving that can nevertheless vary a little bit ( see - guarantees)
RENAUD Gravure can modify its prices at any moment.
Thus, any printed purchase order from this website just has a validity of 30 days as soon as the publishing date.
In the case where the delay has been exceeded and if the order has not been confirmed, the order could not be honoured with the new conditions.
The order payment is payable in advance, for the amount of the order, in one payment.
At the receipt of a payment by cheque, RENAUD Gravure reserves the right to make any authorized controlling,
to check the payment validation. In case of non payment, the order is canceled.
Right of retraction
The right of retraction of 7 days as defined in the law of the 25th of August 2001
doesn't concern the customized goods or made according to the buyer's specifications.
Protection of personal data
Every informations you confide us are done in order to can treat your orders.
They are not communicated to other organisms.
In accordance with the #78-17 law of the 6th January 1978 relative to computing, files and freedoms,
you benefit with RENAUD Gravure from a right to access,
consultation, change, rectification and deletion of your datas you had communicated to us.
Signature and mark
The work done by the workshop of art Renaud Gravure or by the engraver artist Jocelyn RENAUD are signed : RenaudGravure.com,
this signature really discrete measures only 22 mm high.
The non appending of signature is possible, you have to pay 10 euros.
FIA-NET survey
For the operation - Assessed Site - Prenium site - ( FIA-NET logo) :
Your purchase offer you the possibility to take part in to the operation - assessed site - prenium site - organized by FIA-NET S.A.
Through two questionnaires of satisfaction the object of which is to measure the quality
of service that you have received all your purchase act long,
you can inform us about your personal experience and share it to the community of Internet user on FIA-NET site.
These questionnaires might be sent by FIA-NET or by , via electronic mail following your purchase.
The collected informations in those both questionnaires are the subject of an automated treatment
of datas the organism in charge of which is FIA-NET S.A.
Partial answers or absence to answer in one of the two questionnaires of
satisfaction are without direct impact for the development of your order and its treatment.
FIA-NET S.A. and are the consignees of the registered datas collected within these questionnaires of satisfaction.
The datas without name are exploited by FIA-NET in accordance with the regulation
in force and especially with the one about personal datas' protection.
In accordance with the computing and freedoms law of the 6th of January 1978, you have the right at any moment, of access,
rectification, and opposition to the whole of your personal datas by writing,
per mail and by justifying your identity to :
FIA-NET Service Informatique et Libert�s
Traitement N� 896150
39, rue Saint-Lazar - 75009 Paris
Any placed order carries of the customer's adherence, and this without any restriction,
to the terms and conditions of RENAUD Gravure which wins over all opposite conditions.
You recognize having read and agreed them, at irrevocable, whole account and without reserve.
Every controversy relative to the sell will be submitted to french law before court of trade of ANGERS.
If differences of translation would appears between the french version and the other version, only the french version will be accepted.
Rights of graphic and software works
Full or partial copies strictly forbidden.
Graphic works and progams registered and protected by our bailiff :
FRADIN TRONEL SASSARD et ASSOCIES - 1 quai Jules Courmont - 69226 LYON CEDEX 02
Technique innovations protected by Invention Patent INPI
Copyright on programs, protected by COPYRIGHTDEPOT.COM Member #00049656
Company officially registered by Drouot cotation.
All our works benefit from an automatic and international protection of rated autor rights.
The RENAUD Gravure company doesn't accept any exception and systematically prosecutes the offenders.
Conditions partner retailers
The application for becoming retailer of memorial plaques RENAUD Gravure are
subjected to the following conditions :
The applicant might be registered in the trade register and to own a Siret number.
The applicant commit himself to not offer for sale the Renaud Gravure products on the internet.
RENAUD Gravure examines each application and reserve the right to accept or refuse a partnership without the obligation to reveal the reasons.
The partner retailer benefits from the following advantages :
Reduction of 10% of the purchase cost.
Free left over of resale.
The plaques sold by the partner don't have the signature - RENAUD Gravure-.
Full or partial copies strictly forbidden.
Graphic and software works registered and protected
by our bailiff : FRADIN TRONEL SASSARD.
Informations by phone to the : (33) 2 41 32 14 13


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