Engraved stylised catholic cross on a funeral granite plaque.
To put on a tomb.

Personalised granite plaque for cemetery. Outdoors resistent.

This is a black granite plaque, to put on a tomb thanks to the two aluminium feet.
It is very personalised, like all Renaud Gravure's products. In fact, it is the wish of this company, to sell customisable and personalisable plaque.
Everyone is different and special, thus it is important to pay homage with a different and special plaque. This is why none of the orders is similar. We have created a creation software to make your plaque. There are plenty of possibilities, among the different fonts, the different drawings or engraved portraits.
We suggest some patterns, drawing is order meet everyone needs and tastes. Despite this large catalogue, you can make engraved your drawing. There is the thumbnail "Photos, engraved portraits". There you will be able to submit your own pattern. Then, our artist Jocelyn Renaud, will draw on it in order to be engravable. He will then send you his result. Once you agree, he will engrave.

You are able to create the plaque to your satisfaction !!

Presentation of the elements:

It is a black granite plaque.
There is a straight border. It is artistic and actually it is two straight borders juxtaposed and interwined. The corners are decorative and artistic too.

All other elements are in the middle. First, at the top there is a short sentence "In loving memory of".
Below, there is a catholic cross. It is stylised and very geometric.

Under this religious cross, there is the name in attached name "Jane Gere". It is in italics and written bigger than the other lines.
Finally, there is at the bottom of the plaque, in the same font as the first sentence. We can read "passed away 25-01-2011".

Even if the cross is among the text, it is easy to read it.

Where are the elements in the configurator :

The borders are part of plaque, it means you can not modify them. About the text, as there are different size and different font, you will have to create 3 different piece of text. Do not worry it is pretty easy thanks to the following instructions. Open the configurator thanks to the bottom at the left of the page, and here we go :

- The plaque : Click on "Plates" ; "Black granite plates". A window opens. "Plaques on metal base", in the menu on the right click on "Plaques ornam borders". It is the 18th plate.

- Text 1 : Click on "Texts" ; "Create text #1". In the window, please write it and then click on "2: Letters' shape" in order to change the font, it select "Style 11". Finally, please use the cursors in the third thumbnail to modify and put it where you want. The characters size is 18.
Text 2 : "Texts" ; "Create text #2". "Style 7" and "50" for characters size.
Text 3: "Texts" ; "Create text #3". "Style 11" and Character size "26".

- The cross : "High definition drawings" ; "Create drawing #1". In the menu of categories, please go for "Religion, cross".

Memorial plaque granite  . 20 x 30 cm.

Material : granite     Height : 20 cm     Width : 30 cm     Thickness : 2 cm     Weight (around) : 4.5 Kg

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