Glass memorial marker, skier, mountain

A glass plaque to put in a cemetery thanks to a granite base.

Memorial plaque, genuine burglarproof glass, to put thanks to a granite base. Stainless materials.

On the left, Photo of a skier in mountain, engraved in the mass.
A memorial plaque is a personal last present to the deceased, thus it is logical that it is a personalised plaque. In other words, a funeral plaque might be a representation of the late relative.
This is why we have a lot of patterns in our configurator, to give you the possibility to engrave the plaque of your satisfaction.

When you are in the software, designing your plaque, you are able to choose a pattern among a large choice of drawings and pictures in the thumbnail named "High definition drawing", and they are already ready for engraving.

Plus you can also change the plaque. In this example it is a burglarproof glass plaque, transparent so the funeral monument has to be darker for the contrast. There are other glass plate, bigger, with borders, hearts or parchment. There are even plaque to fix on the headstone thanks to screws.
The granite base in very black so it is stable. This kind of memorial plaque is outdoors resistent.

Presentation of a glass memorial plaque example :

This is a transparent glass plaque, which measures 20cm x 30cm x 1cm. It is to put on the tomb thanks to a deep black granite base.

The plaque has a picture and a short message to the deceased.

On the left, there is a photo of a skier in the mountain. He wears sunglasses, a skisuit. There is snow on mountains, which results a very white engraving. In the background there are other pics of mountains.
The photo is not rectangular with straight lines. Lines are faded.

On the right there is a sentence, a sort of thought and the epitaph.
The sentence says "Forever in our hearts you'll stay, loved and missed every day". It is written in italics, aligned to the right.
Below there is the epitaph "Peter Simon 1956 -2014". It is written in straight letters, bigger than the thought and in the center on the right.

The text is an example of thought we usually read, so we have some examples, but you can also write your own message.

How to design this plaque :

You have to open the software. There is at the top of the page, on the left a button "make a plaque here", so please click on it to enter in the software.

Once here, you have several buttons that open menus to design whatever you want.

This is the instructions of the buttons you should click on the design the same plaque as the model.

- Plaque : You have a granite plaque, to change please click on "Plates" ; "Burglarproof glass plates" then on "Plaques glass on granite socle". This is a blank plaque. Nevertheless, you are free to click on the other buttons to discover all the different plaques.

- The picture of a skier : "High definition drawings" then "Create drawing #1". At the end of the categories' menu, there is "Ski, Snow board, snow". It is the first drawing. To modify its size click on "2 : Size, position and rotation", and use the cursors to have Size : 50 ; rotation 180 ; Horizontal positionning -66 and vertical positionning -159. These are the perfect characteristics to obtain the same image at the same place.

- The thought : Go on "Texts" ; "Create text #1". As said earlier, it is an example so click on "Examples of memorial texts". Here are lots of model of memorial sentences. The one of the model starts " You are near from my heart. // Forever in our hearts you'll stay, loved and missed every day."

- The epitaph : "Texts" ; "Create text #2". Please type down your names and dates. Change the font on "2: Letters' shape" and then click on "Style 10". It is one of the font available in gold if you desire.

To change the size, modify the place or aligned the text, the third thumbnail " 3: Size position, rotation" is there for that. The two text are independant so you can modify just one at the time.

Memorial plaque glass  . 20 x 30 cm.

Material : glass     Height : 20 cm     Width : 30 cm     Thickness : 1 cm     Weight (around) : 3.7 Kg

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