Two engraved portrait on a funeral plaque. Burglarproof glass, outdoors resistent.

Engraved portrait of two late persons. For a couple vault. Glass memorial plaque.

Two engraved photos, ideal for a couple vault or a family vault. Renaud Gravure's engraving are made in the mass, thus it is unalterable and long lasting. Actually, our engravings are guaranteed at least 50 years because we faith in our technique.

This is a burglarproof glass plaque to screw on a headstone. Some tombs only have a gravestone so put a memorial plaque is complicated. However a plaque to screw on the stone is better.
Here, the plaque is already drilled in the four corners and the screws are provided. In other words, once the order received, you can go to the cemetery and fix it. It also means you do not have to buy any complementary objects.

A customisable plaque with deceased's portraits.

Presentation of the elements on the plaque :

It is a rectangular transparent glass plate. It measures 35cm x 25cm x 1cm. It is a plaque to screw so there are holes and screws in the four corners.

There is a straight border also rectangular. It looks like a thin frame.

At the top, centered, it is written "In the memory of Mr and Mrs Meaney"
At the left, there is a portrait and below two lines "Jessica Meaney 1974-2015". It should be the portrait of the woman.
At the right, there is the same configuration, a portrait and below " William Meaney 1973 - 2015".

The two portraits are the same size, so are the text. They are at the same level. It is very harmonious.

Where to find those elements in the configurator:

- The plaque : Please go on "Plates", "Burglarproof glass plates". It is punched so please choose "Plaques glass, punched to fix". In the menu on the right, click on "Plaques straight borders". Do not forget the size, while remembering this is your plaque. In the example it is the third model.

- Photos : Please click on "Photos, engraved portraits" ; "Create engraved photo #1" and then follow the instructions. For the second photos, "Photos, engraved portraits" ; "Create engraved photo #2".
If you have them on your computer, choose the option to upload them. On the contrary, if they are paper photos or to heavy to be uploaded, choose the option to send them. The work by the artist will be exactly the same.

- Texts : "Texts" ; "Create text #1". In the window write it, the font is good so go directly on "3: Size, position and rotation" and use the cursors to modify it.
For the texts below the portraits go for "Create text #2" and "Create text #3". The process is exactly the same. To be sure they are at the same level, please check the vertical positionning is the same in the thumbnail "3: Size, position, rotation".

Memorial plaque glass  . 25 x 35 cm.

Material : glass     Height : 25 cm     Width : 35 cm     Thickness : 1 cm     Weight (around) : 2.2 Kg

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