Ideal Photo memorial plaque for couple.
2 engraved portraits on 2 glass blocks.

Two portraits on two blocks of glass.

Two blocks of glass on a granite base, it is the new memorial plaque. The three parts are engraved.

There are 2 engraved block of glass on an engraved granite base.
On the presentation and in the software of making up, this memorial part is divided in three parts.

Parts 1 and 3 ( the 2 blocks) are engraved with 2 portraits.
Ideal for a deceased couple. You can engrave the photo of your two parents or grand-parents.
On part 2 ( the engraved granite base), there is an engraving of a text. It is dedicated to the couple.

For a couple vault, there is not a lot of solutions for memorial plaques. Usually, it is a basic brass plaque. At Renaud Gravure we suggest, granite plaques with engraved portraits, photo porcelain or this modern memorial plaque. You can engrave two different photos, which is interesting because you do not need to find a photo where the couple appear together.
Plus as the blocks are a bit turned, it looks like the photos are looking to each other.

You can find a lot of other engraved portraits in our website.

What are the elements on this example of modern funeral monument:

This modern funeral monument is made of two blocks of glass on a granite plaque.
The blocks measure 8cm x 15cm. They are vertical and the face in engraved. It is a transparent glass, so it is not going to turned yellow or be deformed.

Those blocks are not aligned, but slightly orientated to each other. They are creating a kind of circular arc. There is one on the left, and another on the right. Between them, there is space.

In this space, there is a message, dedicated to the deceased. It says "To my parents With all my love". It is a two-lines-text, written in italics. It is written on the large part of the granite base, so it is above and not in front, contrary to the blocks of glass.

The blocks of glass are engraved with a portrait on each.

How can you create a modern memorial plaque :

While designing a block of glass, like this, it is important to respect the three parts. If you want to engrave a portrait on a block and a flower on the other, for instance, it is important to put the portrait on the block you want it to be. When we will receive your order, we will engrave the elements where you have put them.

Moreover, please put the size of your satisfaction, it is also an important fact to engrave properly.

This following explanation must help you.

Open the software on the button at the top of this page.
Choose the plaque in " Plates" ; Then click on "Glass blocks with or without base". Please valid on "block of glass on granite socle", then on "Blocks + blank socle". Some models appear, and select the model of your choice.

It is now the plaque you have chosen. It might be divided. First, let's do the two blocks, part 1 and 3.
Click on "Photos, engraved portraits", "Create engraved photo #1" ( for the second photo, click on "Create engraved photo #2").
Now follow the instructions, according to your choice and to your situation, whether it is a paper or a digital photo, if you want to keep the background or not, etc.

For the part 2, the text, go on "Texts" and "Create text #1". Then type it.

To put the elements where you want, you can click and maintain the click until you have moved it where you decide.

Memorial plaque granite  . 17 x 30 cm.

Material : granite     Height : 17 cm     Width : 30 cm     Thickness : 10 cm     Weight (around) : 7.5 Kg

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