Personalized memorial plaque with engraved angel.

Model of a plaque to screw to a gravestone.

This is a model of a granite memorial plaque, to screw on a headstone. It is drilled in its four corners, screws are provided.
There is an angel, a young one, sat with a hand raising in own head. It is a statue of an angel.
It is looking at the text, which says " In loving memory of Christine Wesley". It is handwritten tipography.

Under this two-lines-text there is the epitaph " 02-08-1977 10-12-2013". This text is written in straight letters.

The texts are centered in the middle of the plaque, while the young angel picture is on the bottom left corner.

There is a border around the plaque. To find this border, you have to go in "Plates" ; "Black granite plates" ; Punched to fix. Then, look at the plaques with straight borders.

There are several models of plaques to fix on a wall or on the headstone. You can try them all without having to pay.
Please remember to save on "Save/Load" and put your e-mail address if you want to save your work before ordering.

We have a lot of drawing of angels in "High definition Drawings" ; "Create drawing #1" and then in the category "Angels and fairies"

Memorial plaque granite  . 25 x 35 cm.

Material : granite     Height : 25 cm     Width : 35 cm     Thickness : 2 cm     Weight (around) : 6.3 Kg

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