Personalisable plaque to settle on a grave. Engraving of the deceased photo.

A funeral plaque to personalise with a portrait, and different text.

What you write and how you write it is only up to you. In the previous example, some write the dates of birth and of death, or just a short thought without dates.

Here is another example of memorial text. There is the date of death and the age the person was "Passed away 18-09-2011 aged 29".

We let you write whatever you want and like, because it is a personalisation, you are totally free to design what you like.

On the same way, here there is a jukebox, probably because the deceased used to enjoy music. You can make engraved the pattern of your choice, available in our catalogue of drawings.
If you do not find the pattern you want, you can bring yours as it is for a photo. In this case, you will have two different visuals.

What can you see on this memorial plaque example :

It is black granite plaque, vertically put. It measures 30cm x 20cm.

There is a decorative border. It is straight on the four sides, and very ornamental in the corners, as arabesques. It is very thin and aethetical.

At the top, in capital letters, there is the name " Teddy Graham", and below in straight letters but not in capital ones "passed away 18-09-2011 aged 29".
The three-lines-text is centered.

At the bottom of the plaque, on the left there is a portrait. It is the deceased one.
On the right there is an inclinated jukebox. It is in 3/4 face.

The instructions to create a similar plaque :

Please follow the process below to have a plaque like this example.

First the plaque. You may change in " plates" ; "Black granite plates". It is put on aluminium feet so "Plaques on metal base". Then, even if the borders are straight, there are ornamental corners so choose " Plaques ornam borders".

Secondly for the text, go on "Texts" ; "Create text #1". A pop-up window tells you what to do. Change the font for "style 5".
Reproduce this process with "Create text #2" and the style 11.

The jukebox is one of the pattern in "High definition drawings", and in the category "Music others". Click on "2: Size, position and rotation" to inclinate it and modify its size.

For the portrait go on "Photos, engraved portraits". Follow the instructions, according to the photo you have. If it is a paper photo, please click on the second botton and send it by mail. In the case the photo is in your computer, click on the first botton.

Memorial plaque granite  . 30 x 20 cm.

Material : granite     Height : 30 cm     Width : 20 cm     Thickness : 2 cm     Weight (around) : 4.5 Kg

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