Glass memorial plaque to screw, basketball

An beautiful personalised plaque with a basketball image.

Glass memorial plaque, drilled in the corners to be screwn to the grave. Screws and hide screws are provided.

Engraved basketball picture, coming from the catalogue of available drawings. There are other pattern if you want. However, it is also possible to load yours if you want another drawing or the deceased's basketball shirt.

Engraved personal text.
The straight border is also engraved in the mass. Burglarproof quality.

It is important to precise that a glass funeral plaque is not recommanded in front of a fair colour gravestone. As the engraving appears in white, two fair colours are not visible together. It is better to create a contrast, in order to be sure the engraving is visible. If the headstone is grey or white, we suggest you to take a black granite plaque, to screw to.

What are the elements of this example ( for partially sighted ):

This is a transparent glass plaque. It is drilled in the four corners.

There is a straight border. It is rectangular, like a frame all over the plaque.

There is on the left a short message "In loving memory of Paul Clinton". It is written in italics.

Below there are the dates "1964 - 2013". It is not in the same font, here it is straight.

The two lines are centered.

On the left, there is a close up photo of a basket, with a ball. The ball is above the basket. It is about to score a basket.

Where are the elements in the configurator :

- The plaque : You have to change the plaque. It is in "plates" ;"Burglarproof glass plates". It is pretty easy, for each click, another menu opens. Here it is a plaque to screw to please click on " Plaques glass, punched to fix", and you will have some categories. Remember there is a straight border, so you probably should click on this category, but you are free to look at the others.

Now you have the border and the glass plaque. Let's find the picture.
- Basketball picture : "High definition drawings" ; "Create drawing #1". In the menu, please search for "Sports various". Some patterns show up, included the example one.

For the text, you will have to create two. Go in "Texts" , "Create text #--". You have to type the text, make your own enter to create different lines. Change the font in "2: Letters' shape".

Feel free to place it wherever you want on the plaque.

Memorial plaque glass  . 20 x 30 cm.

Material : glass     Height : 20 cm     Width : 30 cm     Thickness : 1 cm     Weight (around) : 1.5 Kg

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