Ship on memorial plaque. Glass plaque to screw.

A photo of a ship on a commemorative plaque. White border.

Vertical glass memorial plaque, 30cm x 20cm. It is perfect for a sea lover or a sailor. Photo of a ship in the sea. This is customisable. Creating a personnal memorial plaque is important, using a sailing ship, a boat for a sailor sounds logical. This is an important need Renaud Gravure wants to cover.

The plaque is drilled in the four corners, in order to be screwed on the headstone. The screws are provided.
The material is a burglarproof glass, resistent to froist and heat. In other words, it is outdoors resistent. Plus, if the glass is broken, it is going to move, to hurt or to cut someone. This is a protection we want to ensure, especially when this kind of product is about to be screwed in a public place as a cemetery, a memorial park. Renaud Gravure does not use plexi or plastic, only glass to ensure this good quality.

The text and the boat are engraved, so is the white border. Our engraving is made by a professional engraver. It is definitive, and lasting.

What is on the plaque :

This is a transparent glass memorial plaque.
First there is a thin straight border. It is a rectangular border.
On the upper half part of the plaque there is a picture of an old ship, a sailing ship. It goes from the right to the left, puched by the wind, in the sea. There are a lot of sails, a total of 13 sails.

Below this photo, there is the name and last name, Shirley Carter. It is in capital letter, bigger than the following text.
The final part is a two-line-text. A thought which says "She is with God, she will remain in our hearts forever". It is written in italics.

All those elements appear in white thanks to the engraving.
As it is a plaque to screw, not to put, there is a screw in each corner.

How to design this kind of plaque :

If the plaque is on your satisfaction, and you want to change the name, please click on "personalise this plaque". Then go on "texts", "change text 1". The software is easy to use.

Or you can do it by yourself, remember you can do it like you want :

- The plaque : Click on "Plates", select "burglarproof glass plates". A pop up window opens, and let you choose two possibilities. Click on "Plaques glass, punched to fix". Some categories appear, and click on " plaques straight borders". It is the very first plaque.
Now the plaque and the border are ready to be personalised.

- The sailing ship : Click on the thumbnail "High definition drawings", "create drawing #1". Another pop up window comes. In the categories, pick "boats" and choose the one you prefer, or the 9th as on the model.
You can now modify it with the cursors in "2: Size, position and rotation"

- Texts : There are two texts in the software configuration.
Text 1, names : Click on "Texts", Create text #1". Type the names in the pop up, then go on "2: Letters' shap" to change the typography and select the "style9". Finally, to modify it, please you "3: size, position, rotation".
Text 2, thoughts: "Texts", "Create text #2". The process is the same. Here the style is "style 1".

Memorial plaque glass  . 30 x 20 cm.

Material : glass     Height : 30 cm     Width : 20 cm     Thickness : 1 cm     Weight (around) : 1.5 Kg

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