Commemorative plaque with a parchment, a photo of a hunter with hig dog.
Personnal granite plaque.

A hunter and his dog on a granite memorial plaque. A parchment in the background.

Black granite memorial plaque for cemetery.
The black granite is polished in on the face and the sides. It makes it naturally shiny and pleasant. There is not vanishing for the colour. While polishing, we heat the plaque and the sheen appear.
In other words, the sheen will last for sure.
The result is sustainable and stable.

The commemorative plaque is to put, thanks to two aluminium feet. They are provided in the order. The choice for the aluminium is due to its stainless characteristic.
We want to sell high quality products, outdoors resistent. Thus all elements are thought to be stable and resistent.

Presentation of the elements:
It is a black granite plaque. There is an opened parchment in the background. It rolls on the right bottom corner.

The plaque is visually seperated.
On the left there is a message to the late relative. In italics and handwritten writting, we can read "To our beloved grand dad Ted Roberts 1965 - 2013". The message is divided on three lines to be aesthetic.
On the right there is a photo of a hunter and his dog. Actually it is a backlit or a contre-jour shot. The sun is behind the dog, and we can recognize the characters thanks to the hunting gun. The hunter is at the right, turned to the left and pointing with his gun to the sky. The dog is also turned to the left.

The engraving in a granite plaque is white, thus all elements are white.

How to design this plaque :

First you need to open the configurator. There is a button on the left.

- The parchment : It is not a pattern, but a background of a plaque. You need to go in "plates", "black granite plates". In the pop up click on "Plaques on metal base", and choose in the categories "plaques parchment". Then it's up to you to choose the size you expect.

- Text : "Texts", "Create text #1". Write down your message, or only names and dates. It is your order, you are free to do whatever you want, in the possible way. To have the same result, do not change "Letters' shape", and think of typing enter on your key board to create those three lines. Finally, in the text's pop up click on "3: Size, position, rotation". There are cursors that will help you to manage the text.

- The photo: It is available in our catalogue, but you can add yours in "Photo, engraved portraits".
To find the photo of the model, go on "High definition drawings", "Create drawing #1 ". There is another pop up window, with on the right some categories. Choose "Hunter" and it will be the 6th picture.

Memorial plaque granite  Dogs. 20 x 30 cm.

Material : granite     Height : 20 cm     Width : 30 cm     Thickness : 2 cm     Weight (around) : 4.5 Kg

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