Customizable memorial plaque, columbarium

An adhesive commemorative plaque with engraved elements.

An ideal commemorative plaque for small columbarium. This deep black granite plaque measures only 15cm x 40cm x 1cm.

This plaque has been created for a woman, with an engraved message.
The stars above the text is also engraved.

We, at Renaud Gravure's, have our own professionnal engraver. The products are guaranteed to last over 50 years, thanks to engraving. It goes in the mass, which creates relieves, and make the elements last.
Then we cover with painting in order make it whiter.

Presentation of the elements :

This is an adhesive plaque, in granite.
At the top there are stars, in the center of the plaque.

Below there is an italics message " With all our love. To our dear mother, sister and wife".

At the center bottom of the plaque, there is the name "Marilyn".

All the elements are engraved, and appear in white. The two messages have different police writting.

How to create a similar plaque :

- The plaque : "Plates", "black granite plates". In the pop-up window click on the third thumbnail "Plaques adhesives", then select "Plaques blank". This is the second one in 40 x 15cm.

- The drawing : "High definition drawings", "Create drawing #1". Please, choose the category "Astronomy, Rockets". The stars are part of the astronomy. Scroll until you find it, and click on. It is the 15th pattern. To change is place, please click on "2: Size, position and rotation", in the pop-up window. You have several cursor. The pattern directly change according to what you are doing.

- Text 1 : "Texts", "Create Text #1". Type it down in the black blank. Don't change the letters' shape, except if you want to". Finally, you can change the size, by clicking on "3: Size, position, rotation", and there are cursors. Here are those of the plaques : characters size 26 ; horizontal position -146 ; vertical position -70 ; line spacing 39. The rotation is unchanged.

- Text 2 : "Texts", "Create Text #2". The process is the same. Please choose the "style6" in "letters' shape" and put the name where you want. To do it as ours : Characters size 43, Horizontal position -24 ; Vertical position 24 ; Line spacing 30.

Memorial plaque granite  . 15 x 40 cm.

Material : granite     Height : 15 cm     Width : 40 cm     Thickness : 1 cm     Weight (around) : 2.3 Kg

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